Buying and Holding Real Estate to Build Wealth

Book Pic Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world. President Franklin Roosevelt

Buying and Holding Real Estate

Real estate is a virtually limitless investment opportunity which can eventually help one obtain financial freedom; however, few people are intentional in the acquisition of real estate in their pursuit of financial freedom. Many will say that the best investment they ever made was buying a home, but they don’t continue to buy and sell real estate. It would seem that the purchase of one’s own home was just an accidental investment. The funny thing is that what was true then is still true today: Most people are, at best, accidental investors. Of all the potential ways to grow wealth, The Tomlin Team believes that buying and holding real estate is one of the most effective, reliable means to help fund a life of possibilities that each of us deserves. While residential homes have historically been the most lucrative investments, commercial properties are becoming increasingly attractive and viable investments in today’s market as well. This week’s wealth-building strategy is all about HOLDING a property for long-term financial gain:
  1. FIND the right property for the right terms and the right price.
Outcome: a list of qualified investment properties from which to choose
  1. ANALYZE a property to make sure the numbers and the terms make sense.
Outcome: a prospect that meets your financial criteria
  1. BUY an investment property where you make money going in.
Outcome: a profitable property to add to your investment portfolio
  1. MANAGE your tenants and properties like a pro.
Outcome: a sustainable investment property for your portfolio
  1. GROW your way to wealth and financial freedom.
Outcome: an investment portfolio that funds the life you want to live

Creating Cash Flow

One of our daughters is a tenant along with three other girls in a cute four-bedroom house in her college town. Her landlord has developed a strategy of buying land or tearing down an old property and building a number of identical properties around the outskirts of the university. The landlord and his family currently have 30 properties, each fully occupied with great cash flow. Cash flow is king. As long as a property cash flows, it is a worthy and lucrative piece of your wealth-building portfolio that will lead you to financial freedom. If you’re interested in knowing more about finding, buying, and leasing properties for wealth, The Tomlin Team has some great resources to give you. Give your favorite member of The Tomlin Team a call, and let’s do coffee!

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