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Make Time to Vote! (1)Everybody says it. We all know we should. But do we? Do we really make time to vote? Especially in local elections like the ones we have happening right now in Collin County and Denton County.

And what does voting have to do with real estate?

At the Tomlin Team, local elections are of the utmost importance. Why? Because of how these elections affect our clients – past, present and future. In an area like Dallas/Fort Worth where our cities change and grow on a daily basis, the local election process is something that must be a priority to those of us in real estate.

It is up to us to stay informed on how these D/FW metroplex local elections and their results will directly impact our buyers and sellers – the families we serve and help. And THAT is why local elections are a priority to us. The families we help are too important to us to be uninformed when it comes to these local elections.

Our team members attend the REALTOR® meetings held by the various cities and school districts where we live, work and help our clients. We especially stay up-to-date on the bond elections and redistricting decisions because those directly impact our clients and their families. Their children.

If you have questions or are unclear about any of the local elections in Collin County or Denton County – especially as pertaining to bond elections and redistricting issues – let us know. Reach out and one of our team members can help you get your questions answered so you can get out and vote. And feel confident in your vote!

In the meantime, there are useful nonpartisan Voter’s Guides and sites available for Collin and Denton County cities. We’ve gathered a few of those here so you have a one-stop-shop:

Allen TX Voters Guide
Collin College Voters Guide
Frisco TX Voters Guide
McKinney TX Voters Guide
Plano TX Voters Guide
Denton County cities and ISDs
All Texas bond elections (searchable by ISD and/or city name) (great resource for personalized voting information based on your address)

Let us know how we can help you further! Our goal is to help, educate, and serve you AND your family.

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