Staging a House – Curb Appeal

As the Home Marketing Specialist for The Tomlin Team, I stage each house our real estate team lists before it goes on the market. Creating a great first impression can be hard work, but it definitely is worth the effort when it comes to grabbing the attention of a buyer. The first two weeks on the market are a critical time for a listing, so setting the stage for a win is crucial!  During a walk-through consultation, I help the seller consider what objections a buyer might have to purchasing the home, and we work to make the changes necessary – space planning, neutralizing, de-personalizing, de-cluttering, organizing, repairing, replacing, cleaning, and decorating. We invite the buyer to picture themselves enjoying the lifestyle that is presented. Staging a home also involves making it easy to maintain so that it can be shown at a moment’s notice.  This is the first blog in a series where I will share home staging ideas.  These tips are great for any homeowner – whether you plan to sell your own house or spiff up the one you live in!

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal includes everything from the street to your doorstep.  The visual landscape has to look its best to create an inviting entrance to the home.  Here are the different areas to pay specific attention to:

The Street

Sweep or use your leaf blower to remove litter or debris from the street in front of your house.

The Sidewalk

Repair broken or uneven sections of cement.  Remove weeds that may be growing between the cracks.  Edge and sweep the sidewalk to create a neat and tidy appearance.

The Front Door

Consider re-painting or re-staining the front door if fading has occurred. A buyer stands at the front door while the agent is obtaining the key, so there is plenty of time to study the door and the front porch.  A new coat of paint or stain gives a fresh, new feel and creates a great first impression.

The Porch

Make sure the doorbell is working properly. Place a new, inviting door mat in front of the door.  Lastly, hang a seasonal wreath.

The Fence

You should never let a faded fence or a squeaky gate get between a prospective buyer and a great first impression! Staining or painting a fence is a fairly inexpensive way to update it. Since it is a large object in plain view, making sure it’s in good shape is vital.  A buyer often judges the overall shape of the home by how well the highly visible home features are maintained.

The Mailbox and Front Porch Sconces

A quick painting of an old mailbox will let the buyer know you care about details. If your front porch sconces are beyond help, new ones will cast a positive light on your property!

The Shrubs and Flowerbeds

Big impact is created by neatly-trimmed shrubs and beautiful seasonal flowers. New mulch will give your landscape a fresh, new look. Taking time to tidy up this area costs little but makes a huge difference.

The Trees

If you can’t see the house for the trees, it’s time for a trim!  Most often, the exterior photo of the front of a house is used for marketing on MLS.  The style of the house is so important and must be visible for a buyer to know whether or not they even want to see the inside.  So, remove what is overgrown or is taking too much spotlight.
  Staging a home begins at the curb! Try to look at each of these areas through the eyes of a visitor to notice details often overlooked, and make the changes suggested above to create a great first impression! My next blog on staging the entry will give you some tips on creating a warm, inviting space for guests as they first enter the home. Front - Corkwood

This home has great curb appeal – freshly-painted door, wreath, doormat, & seasonal flowers!

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