5 Home Repairs That Are Too Dangerous to Delay

5 Home Repairs That Are Too Dangerous to Delay

When it comes to home repairs, it’s tempting to wait until we have more money, time, and energy to deal with them. These 5 problems can be costly, even deadly, if they’re not repaired right away.
  1. MOLD – When you see it, deal with it. All molds can potentially make you sick.
  2. PLUMBING LEAKS – Inspect, correct, and/or call a plumber.
  3. GAS LEAKS – Leave your residence and call your gas company immediately.
  4. CRACKS IN FOUNDATION – Catch and repair these early. Un-addressed cracks can develop into an expensive and potentially life-threatening problem.
  5. LEAKING ROOF – Fix this immediately. Water can cause mold, electrical, and structural damage.

The Tomlin Team will be happy to help you with vendors who can professionally address these and/or any other issues you may be experiencing. We can also help you sell, buy, or build your next home if you are not working with another Realtor. If you are looking outside of Dallas-Ft. Worth, we have an extensive network across the country as well as outside the U.S. and can introduce you to a great Real Estate team to assist you wherever you need. Contact us at (214) 726-2894 or info@thetomlinteam.com. Copy of KW Tomlin Team Logo Team PanoramicWeb.jpg  

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