5 Things That Will Improve Your Home’s Value Now

Whether you want to upgrade your home in preparation of selling, or if you’re simply ready to enjoy a new look, here are 5 “fixes” that will raise your home’s value now and earn a strong return on your investment:
Enhance the landscaping and front door
On average, people form an opinion of a home within the first 7 seconds. Ensure the lawn and flowerbeds are weed-free, lay fresh sod if necessary, trim the trees if they’re overgrown, put some fresh mulch and seasonal flowers in the flowerbeds, trim the hedges, and spruce up the front door with a fresh coat of stain and polyurethane or paint if applicable. A couple of hundred dollars will go a long way!
Pay attention to the floors
Spend some money on the flooring. Get a carpenter or handyman to eliminate distracting squeaks from floors, repair any broken tiles, replace damaged floor boards or trim, install wood where you can, and if carpet is preferred (or necessary due to budgetary constraints) install an upgraded carpet. Typically flooring costs will double your return.
Lighten up
A brighter home is a happier home. Let natural light flow in. Replace old vinyl blinds with shutters where possible. Use higher wattage bulbs to make small spaces feel larger, and use soft lighting if you want to bring warmth to empty spaces. Fresh paint is a very cost-efficient way to brighten up a home as well. Keep the colors light and modern.
Open up the space
Create more space where you can, whether it’s removing a kitchen island or knocking out a non-structural wall. Wide-open floor plans are in, and more people than ever like to have easy access to the living room from the kitchen. The more open the space, the more entertainment value the home will have.
Upgrade the bathrooms
Bathroom upgrades can easily become pricey. A few upgrades can still make a big difference. Install clear glass on showers, update the faucets, doorknobs, and cabinet pulls, upgrade the countertops to travertine or granite if your budget allows, apply fresh caulk and paint, and install a new toilet if necessary .
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