Agents in Austin in August

It’s August in Austin, and every year thousands of Keller Williams agents from across the nation gather at the convention center for a week. Hundreds of seasoned Realtors get on stage and share their successes and failures. There’s nothing like inspiration right from the source! This year, our team had the opportunity to go to Mega Agent Camp. We were able to spend a few days really thinking about our clients and what we can change for their benefit in the upcoming year. The real estate world is always changing. The economy turns, the systems are modified, and the technology evolves. Of course no one can predict which way the market will turn, but it’s important we stay in front of the curve in all aspects of real estate. After the week was over, we were able to reflect on what each of us took away from the seminar, and we’ve already started implementing it! We’re grateful to be a part of a company that truly cares about the education and growth of its representatives. It always comes back to how we can become better agents in the ways we serve our clients.  

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