Beware of Roofing Scams!

When storms roll into North Texas, roofing storm chasers do too. Roofers flood neighborhoods with salespeople and flyers trying to drum up business. Unlike most other states, the state of Texas has no guidelines or requirements for those who want to be a roofing contractor. No insurance is required, and there is no state licensing, certification or registration. This means that anyone can call themselves a roofer, and it’s “buyer beware” – homeowners must protect themselves by doing their homework before they hire a roofing contractor. Here are some common roofing scams to watch out for thanks to the professionals at North Texas Roofing Contractor’s Association

Contingency Contracts

Contingency contracts are a common practice among shady roofing companies, tying homeowners to the roofing contractor in the event that the homeowner’s insurance company pays for a roof replacement. The roofing company may promise “free” emergency repairs if a homeowner will sign an agreement or may insist that the homeowner sign an agreement before the contractor inspects the roof. In the fine print, details about the “contract” are written.

Contractors Asking for Money Upfront

If a contractor asks for money upfront, that could be the sign of a potential scam. The elderly, in particular, are often targeted by scammers who get payment (partial or in full) upfront and then never return or complete the work. Homeowners should beware of paying anything upfront or making a final payment before a job is complete. In some cases, a partial payment upfront is not cause for alarm, such as 1) when a partial payment is required for materials, after they have been delivered to the project location and 2) if a special, high-end product is required, such as a specialty type of slate material.

Sales Lead Generation Companies

A newer type of scam reported to NTRCA is one where lead generation companies, disguised as “roofing damage experts” call areas that have received storm damage. They call and use a script that carefully avoids identifying themselves by a company name and tell homeowners “we’ll be in your area next week.” When the homeowner agrees to an appointment with the no-name company, that company turns around and sells the lead to a roofing company, which could be a legitimate roofing contractor…or not. NTRCA recommends that if consumers get a call like this that they simply ask, “What company are you representing?” and “What is your address?” If they hesitate or side-step the question, NTRCA recommends that the homeowner simply hang up.

Roofing Companies Acting As Insurance Adjusters

Another popular scam is one where roofing contractors act as insurance adjusters and claim they can help homeowners negotiate or “work” their claim. This practice is illegal – a single company/person cannot act as both a homeowner’s roofer AND their insurance adjuster. In June, 2012 the Texas Department of Insurance issued a bulletin indicating that it is targeting contractors and roofing companies that “have been advertising or performing acts that would require them to hold a public insurance adjuster license.”

Storm Chasers – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

In Texas, anyone can hang up a “shingle” and call themselves a roofing company. And when storms hit in North Texas, we see an influx of out-of-town roofers (a.k.a. storm chasers), who “work the storm” and then leave town not long after the storms do, unable and unwilling to service any kind of warranty they promised. Similarly, we also see “in-town” storm chasers, who may be from the area, but have no roofing expertise, yet suddenly jump into the roofing business simply because there is significant opportunity to make money. Pick a company that is local and a member in good standing with a professional organization.

One of the Best Roofing Companies

One of North Texas’ superior Roofing companies is Trinity Roofing & Construction.  Many of you may already know Joel Carriker and his family.  Joel & his wife Lauren are owners of this family business.  They are licensed, fully insured and experienced in all residential and commercial properties.  As a general contracting company, they handle all aspects of storm restoration including minor repairs.   Trinity Roofing has an A+ standing with the BBB and North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA). As mentioned that the State of Texas does not require licensing, Trinity Roofing & Construction is licensed through RCAT (Roofing Contractors Association of Texas).  Trinity is also backed by a third party $10,000 guarantee through   We encourage you to reach out to Joel and his Team.  We trust them and know they will take great care of you and your family!


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