Do Colors Grow Old?

Read on to spot the small color changes I made to this vignette and the next steps I’ll take in my home color make-over!

Being a cautious person has its advantages, but when it comes to keeping up with the color trends of the decorating world, I find myself ever-so-hesitant to jump on the bandwagon! So many questions flood my mind. Will the style of my house work with the trendy new color scheme? What do I do with all those colorful, decorative pieces I collected that now aren’t the thing? How expensive will it be to make changes? Should I wait twenty years for my current colors to come back in style? The decision-making process is simplified when I ask myself two more questions: Am I tired of it yet? Is it so worn that it needs to be replaced? So, I come to a crossroad. I can decide to grow old with the beautiful reds and golds that took me ten years to accumulate, or I can take a big risk and dive into a sea of blues and grays. Reluctantly, but with growing excitement, I decide to head for the sea! Hopefully, my ideas will give you new inspiration if you’ve been stuck in a color rut too!   Here’s the path I’m taking to get there: Paint
  • Repaint my red dining room to a neutral shade of taupe-ish gray – Benjamin Moore’s Galveston Gray. The taupe undertone helps integrate gray with the Old World style of my home.
  • Repaint my living room with Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore). Sesame will have to go!
Re-design larger decorative pieces
  • Recover 2 hall wall hangings with different fabric – blue, of course!
  • Change the matte and frame of a favorite piece of art.
  • Remove the red Calla Lilies in a flower arrangement and add flowers that coordinate with gray paint.
Replace inexpensive items with updated ones
  • Find a new home for the red plate on the fireplace mantel and place three globes of varying sizes in its place to bring in more blues and greens.
  • Buy new master bedroom bedding with a cream and blue pattern to replace my ten-year-old Pottery Barn quilt set – the one with red flowers!
  • Take out the red rug in the study and buy a new rug with touches of gray.
  • Buy new throw pillows for the living room couch to bring in touches of blue which will lighten and brighten the dark leather couch.
  • Add new mercury-base lamps to replace my wrought iron ones.
  • Take the rust-colored, custom-made drapes for my living room to a local resale shop. Even if your drapes are designed just for your windows, it’s okay to get rid of them if they’re dictating everything you do to your living space! Take charge and be decisive before ten more years pass without a change!
Keep what makes your heart sing! If you’re not tired of it, and if it’s in good shape – keep it!
  • The dark leather couches and walnut armoire in my living room are pieces I’d like to keep. However, I’ll add new throw pillows and decorative pieces with touches of blue to help tie it all together. I’m not ready to recover my burgundy and gold Ethan Allen chair – and I still love it, so I’ll just add a throw blanket to lighten it up.
Purchase items to decorate your home that are meaningful and unique.
  • The figurine of a duck family that I bought in an antique shop on a weekend get-away was inexpensive but is one of my favorite pieces. I love nature, birds, and family, so, naturally, it spoke to me! It will find a spot among any color scheme.
  • The glass lantern on my fireplace adds another way for me to add color with a candle while still coordinating with the Old World style of my home.
We all have decorating issues! Making little changes along the way like I have will not only give you an updated look, but will also refresh your soul like a trip to the sea! Happy decorating! ~Heather
Outdated arrangement

Outdated arrangement

Updated arrangement

Updated arrangement

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  1. Donna Watson

    on   said 

    Just read this. So inspiring, Heather! Kinda made me sad, though bc I remember being with you for some of those earlier decorating moments! 😊
    Great ideas!

    • Heather Tomlin

      on   said 

      Thank you, Donna! My favorite pieces – many of those items you were instrumental in helping me choose – are still around. Since they still make my heart sing, I’ve found a way to mingle them with my newer decor!


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