Don’t Build It Alone – Why you should use a Realtor when building a home


A great Realtor knows the local real estate market and the reputation of various builders.  He discerns what questions to ask and when to ask them because he has an extensive knowledge of the building process in general.  Having this expertise and experience will ensure a much smoother process for your new home build and purchase.


When you build a new home, the new home salesman doesn’t work for you.  He works for the builder and has the builder’s best interests in mind.  Why would anyone want to enter into an extremely detailed and very long process without representation?  The builder has someone looking out for him.  You should too. A Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility – both contractually and ethically – to keep YOUR best interests in mind.  He will help you navigate the builder’s contract so that you understand how specific clauses, riders, and upgrade options affect you before you sign on the dotted line.


Finding the right floor plan and choosing your upgrades is the fun part!  Once you’re ready to sign the contract, a Realtor works on your behalf to negotiate the terms from upgrade options to financing and closing costs.  In addition, he can present other options for financing or work with the builder’s lender directly to help you find the best rate for your mortgage.


Signing a contract with a builder is just the beginning.  You must also secure financing if not paying cash, attend numerous inspections throughout the construction process, make important decisions often at a moment’s notice, and interact with affiliates such as sub-contractors, code inspectors, third party inspectors, and the title company.  A great Realtor will hold your hand throughout the entire process ensuring that it is as stress-free as possible.


Networks are CRITICAL to the success of a Realtor.  When you work with a Realtor on The Tomlin Team, we put our vast network of resources to work for you! When you are working with a single agent, you have access just to that agent’s network.  When you work with a team, you have access to the TEAM’S NETWORK!  We have multiple spheres of influence to spread the word for sellers and buyers.

Vast Array of Services

Realtors on The Tomlin Team provide an entirely different approach to Real Estate. From the get-go, we understand the value of working together which often extends BEYOND our own team.  The Tomlin Team, for example, has connections with vendors throughout the DFW area.  We can help our clients with far more than just Real Estate, from mortgage help to financial services and beyond.  This vast array of services applies in house as well.  For the home buyer or seller, our marketing department is one way we shine. Instead of a single agent marketing your home, we have an entire team of pros as well as freelance operators who are true pros at what they do.


Time is THE MOST VALUABLE COMMODITY of all.  A Real Estate team like The Tomlin Team is able to finish complex tasks in a fraction of the time it would take an individual agent.  When you choose a team, you get speed and efficiency to help transactions go smoothly.  Teams provide a vast array of services efficiently and with great attention to detail.


A complex marketing strategy can be implemented by our marketing specialists who are technologically savvy!

Location, Location!

It’s simple, really.  When you work with a large team, that team is like a living organism.  If one of us can’t be there, another can! If you need one of us to meet you at the house for a last minute inspection, one of us is likely going to be available to serve you in this capacity!

Questions Get Answered!

With a team, multiple questions can be correctly routed and handled with ease.  Until you have bought or sold a house, you can’t imagine the amount of back and forth that goes on.  Papers need to be signed, questions need to be answered, negotiations need to take place.   Back and forth, back and forth…over and over again.  When you work with a Real Estate team, that team will likely have the unique processes in place to manage and handle your questions and concerns.  If one of the team members can’t, the process is in place to make sure another one can.  We are like doctors…someone is always on call.

No Hassle!

So, when it comes to building a new home, The Tomlin Team will assist you in managing this entire process and accompanying you at the property throughout the process to ensure you’re not missing anything at each construction milestone.  Our services cost you nothing, and our expertise is invaluable. And, remember, if you work with The Tomlin Team, you get ultimate service!  That is why we have MORE 5 STAR RATINGS THAN ANY OTHER REAL ESTATE TEAM IN FRISCO! If you are ready to buy or sell or just have questions, please contact The Tomlin Team at 214-726-2805 or visit us online at http:/ where you can view homes for sale in the DFW area!

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