Finding Good Vendors To Work In Your Home

Finding good vendors to work in your home is hard. You see advertisements all the time, but you don’t know if you can really trust the source. That is one great thing about The Tomlin Team. We se home vendors every day in the real estate business. When we have clients listing homes, they often need someone to come in to do minor repairs, paint touch ups, fix the drain that has been clogged, clean up the landscaping, etc. before putting the house on the market. We also have buyers who want items fixed after seeing the inspection on a home to get a new roof or a new water heater installed. So, The Tomlin Team has a list of vendors that we use almost daily that we keep in constant contact with and trust to go into our client’s homes and do the job right. Our name is attached to their work, so we have to make sure they are good. We do the leg work for you and find the right roofer, landscaper, plumber, carpet cleaner, painter, etc. This is just one service The Tomlin Team does for our clients. Simply because people matter and we want to serve you. So, if you need a referral to get some house work done, give us a call and we will help you out!

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