Heritage Lakes Neighborhood Back to School

Here’s what’s happening in Heritage Lakes…coming up this week is Texas Hold ‘Em and a Golf Tournament. This neighborhood has something going on all the time for its residents. Coming soon will be the kindergarten round up and back to school pool Luau Pool Party. When my kids started kindergarten, the neighborhood hosted a party just for them. All the new little kinder kids in the neighborhood got together to meet each other, if they hadn’t already met at the pool, playground or just riding their bikes around the safe gated community. They played games, etc. to get to know each other so that when they started school, they would know a friendly face. In later years, at the Back to school pool party, they participated in the back to school fashion show modeling their own brand new backpacks and back to school outfits on the steps of the clubhouse before releasing them into the lazy river all day long with a DJ, snow cones, and fun. That was 10 years ago and they still do these great parties for kids today, only bigger and better. I think I saw bounce houses last year at the Luau. It’s hard to believe that my kids are now in High School and drive by in their own cars as the little neighbors they babysit attend the neighborhood parties for back to school. My how time flies. Heritage Lakes is a great neighborhood to live in. Having a great HOA is important and that they take care of our kids year after year and make our neighborhoods safe and fun for our families no matter what age the kids are. The Tomlin Team can help you find a great neighborhood just like mine! Give us a call anytime. 214-726-2805 www.TheTomlinTeam.com

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