Rent vs Buy in This Market? #LOCAL Expert Advice is the Key

Almost daily we hear about the housing shortage in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Particularly in Collin, Denton and Grayson Counties…

Not enough houses to go around as Toyota moves to Plano | Real Estate | Dallas News

One of the reasons homebuilders have been able to raise their median prices about 55 percent in the last five years is that corporate transfer buyers are willing to pay more, said Page Shipp of MetroStudy Inc. “They are often dealing with buyers who are used to higher prices,” Shipp said.

SEDCO discusses local housing shortage

The board of directors of the Sherman Economic Development Corp. discussed the area’s lack of many available housing options during its regular meeting Tuesday morning.

These types of articles are helpful and encouraging to current homeowners as they consider selling, but can be discouraging to buyers if they’re not guided by sound real estate advice and experts. Especially when reading articles like these:

BH&J Latest Summary

Major Corporate Donor: FAU Buy vs. Rent Index Shows Rising Prices and Mortgage Rates Moving Housing Markets in the Direction of Renting BOCA RATON, Fla. (June 7, 2017) – Slowing rents coupled with rising home prices and mortgage rates are pushing many housing markets in the U.S.

Don’t put your money in a house, says a new report

If you’re planning on house hunting this weekend, you might want to do a little math first. Owning a home used to be a great way to build wealth, but that equation is turning. It may, in fact, be more lucrative to invest your money elsewhere.

These articles caught our attention because they specifically reference the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex housing market. And you can read our counter to those articles HERE.

Suffice it to say, homeownership remains one of the smartest and strongest investments you can make here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. These types of articles and pronouncements are unfortunate and cheat families all over the country out of the American dream of homeownership – not just here in DFW.

Every real estate market is unique and different.

An expert real estate team and mortgage company is the key for buyers in Collin County and Denton County, TX, to figure out what is best for their family. There are always solutions and answers – always other alternatives. Things like:

• Unique loan packages: Our partners at Benchmark Mortgage are amazing. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a real estate investor, an up-sizer or a downsizer…we work as a team to find the best and smartest mortgage plan for you and your family.

• Expert knowledge about neighborhoods that are within your price range

• New home construction: Check out our new home construction tools found HERE.

Don’t take a blogger on CNBC’s word for it…or let professors in Florida tell you what is happening in Dallas/Fort Worth real estate.

You need experts who live, raise their families, serve and sell real estate right where you live. They know. WE know. And we will tell you the truth about what’s happening with the real estate market in North Texas.

Our heart is to serve you and your family’s best interests.


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