Staging the Entry of Your House

The entry is where the first impression of the interior is created.  Here you have the opportunity to make a big statement in a small area.  Following are tips that The Tomlin Team shares with listing clients during a staging appointment:

Make sure the entry is well-lit.

Light equates to cheerfulness, and a well-lit entry says, “Welcome!”  Consider removing sidelight window coverings if necessary to increase the natural light coming in through your windows.  Increase the wattage of the bulbs in your lamps and fixtures, adhering to the fixture’s maximum recommended wattage.  Experts recommend a total of 100 watts of light for every 50 square feet of space.

Breathe freshness.

Smell is very important upon entering the home. The goal is for the home to have a fragrance such as clean linen or something that is fresh and subtle.  The home should not smell like smoke, pets, or cooking odors.  Many people will turn around and walk out the front door if they smell such powerful odors. If the property has a negative odor, this will need to be properly addressed, whether by deep cleaning, pet removal, or vent cleaning.

Make it sparkle.

Clean tile or wood floors. Wipe off baseboards and windowsills.

Clean the windows.

Buyers “love” light and there’s no easier way to add light to a room than to make sure the windows are clean.  Be sure to wash windows inside and outside and consider hiring a professional if you have hard-to-reach windows.  The Tomlin Team’s preferred vendor list is a great resource we share with our clients.

Repaint with neutral colors if necessary to update or refresh.

Touch up walls, baseboards, and windowsills if wear and tear have taken their toll.  It’s important that buyers see your house as a clean slate.

Replace the hall light fixture if it’s outdated.

Add a small rug.

A small mat or rug placed inside the front door will collect dirt and water from foot traffic.

Carefully choose accessories.

Place a beautiful plant or floral arrangement on the entry table to bring the outdoors inside.  Also create space on the table to place property brochures.

Create an uncluttered view.

If the entry is small, remove occasional tables, coat racks, and wall hooks that might create a cluttered appearance.


Potential buyers don’t want to see your family in their future home. They want to experience what it might feel like if they lived there. And while you may love the wall of family photos in the entry, take them down. Give buyers a glimpse into their future in their new home where their personality and family treasures will shine. Recognize that this is an emotional decision for them.

 Staging your house for sale is all about maximizing its benefits and doing your best to minimize its weaknesses. Taking a little time to make some of these simple changes may be a lucrative investment.

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