The McKinney Square: Real Life Charm

A coffee shop called Snug, a candy store named Mom and Popcorn, a Local Yocal Market- all these establishments make up the McKinney Square in the heart of McKinney, Texas. It’s charming to no end, and a perfect place to spend your Saturday afternoon. Not only does The Square have a hundred shops, boutiques, and restaurants, but it often has events that will entertain the whole family on the weekends. Car shows, art festivals, bike races, and antique shows are just a few of the many annual events. Yes, McKinney received national attention when it was named Money Magazine’s Number 1 Place to Live in America. However, somehow it still holds its beauty and charm just like it always has. It really is an escape from your every day life when you go to The Square. A place where you can step back in time and appreciate the simplicity of a small town. The eclectic mix of buildings and homes dating before 1900, makes your mind wander and you wonder what life may have been like for those living in that present day. Where else can you find such a place? A town that truly values its residents, past and present. Whether it takes just a short drive across town, or a trip through several states- a visit to The Square is probably calling your name.  

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